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As you may have guessed my name is Bruce Martin and this is one of my web sites. I also have the domain as well as hosting a couple of others.

I have migrated to a hosted system. If you have an account on the system you can use their webmail pages to access mail from that site.

To the left is a navigation bar that will take you to different parts of my website.

The "About" page will probably have things about my life including resume and hobby info.

Te "FAQ page will eventually have some frequently asked questions and maybe a few answers.

The "Resource" page will have a lot of the information I have gathered about my hobbies and finally get it into a somewhat organized fasion so I can find it again and may be of use to others.

The "Funding" page is more of a placeholder since this whole site is based on a template and I have not figured out what I want to do with this section except give links on how to give me money. Surely you will be so impressed with this sight that you WILL want to send me lots of money.

The "BLOG" page will look different from the others since it is created with a different program and until I get a chance to figure out its intricacies it will stay that way. It is my WebLog of ramblins and thoughts. It also is a bit of a journal for me and may become more so but as a separate private section.

The "Contact" page will be just that. Ways of getting in touch with me. CAUTION: some things may be encoded to keep robots and spammers from having an easy time.

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Last modified: January 30, 2010